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Official Car Show Rules and Judging Regulations:

  • Maintaining the “Safety and Integrity” of the competition is our priority.

  • All Car Show Vehicles entered into a Central Oregon Car Show are required to carry a fire extinguisher in their vehicle. Please try to place the fire extinguisher on the passenger side floor during the car show. 

  • In order to get everyone in and parked quickly, there will be no reserved parking. If your club wants to park together, you must arrive together.

  • Winner of Trophies must be present to receive their trophy immediately or have a designated representative to collect it at the time of distribution. All trophies not picked up at end of the show will be forfeited. 

  • When registering, enter the best category for your car. Day of show categories can be changed. What you write on your card is what you will be judged for, not what you registered for. 

  • The winner of Best of Show can win other awards as well.

  • The judges are instructed that a car does not have to be perfect but to look for an “excellent car” 

  • Our judges are made up of car enthusiasts, shop owners, and car owners.

  • Judgment is not given based on the car it's parked next to or any other car in the show. Judgment is against the condition the car was originally delivered in.

  • Points are taken for damaged, dirty, or missing parts.

  • The Owner/Exhibitor will classify their vehicle but it is subject to change by the judges if inappropriately classified.

  • Judges may move a vehicle into another class as they see fit.

  • Judges must have access to all areas of the show vehicle including the trunk, interior and engine compartment. Judges WILL NOT open these areas for evaluation.

  • All vehicles must remain in the show area for the duration of the show (through 3:00 p.m.) and 2 pm at the Wine N Shine Car Show. 

  • No burnouts. But engine revving is okay.

  • Please no loud sound systems within the show area especially very loud bass.

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