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The Full Central Oregon Car Show Story

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Shane Mayfield has been in the automotive industry in one form or another for nearly 20 years. He has worked as an automotive painter, painter's assistant, and custom car builder. His passion for cars has always led him back to automotive detailing. Shane has been professionally detailing for 18 years and has trained with detailing success led by master detailer Renny Doyle. Shane is certified in all aspects of detailing from not only detailing success training school but also the international detailing association. Shane's drive to be the best has led him to be a two-time member of the prestigious air force one detailing team, a member of the quail car show at Monterey detailing team, and a member of the detail mafia. His business was awarded “detail shop of the year” in 2018 by the international detailing association.

In 2022, Dan Mooney came to me with the offer to purchase Central Oregon Car Shows. I had already had ideas of starting a few car shows in Central Oregon at the time so I knew this could blow up. I decided to take over in November of 2022 and start early on the 2023 schedule. With only a few months away from the Wild Ride Classic Car Show in April, I wanted to be ready for the season.  

We are excited to start this journey and hope to bring some new blood and ideas to the car show world! 

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