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The Full Central Oregon Car Show Story

Dan Mooney First Car 1973 Mach 1 Mustang Redmond, Oregon Car Shows

Dan with his first car at the age of 14, a 1973 Mach 1 Mustang.


Grandpa Mooney in his 1929 Model A with Rumble Seat. 


Dan's recent project. He restored a 1950 Buick Super Sedan. Recently sold on BaT.

Driven by his passion for events, classic cars, the community, and good people, Dan Mooney has brought Central Oregon Car Shows (Redmond Car Shows) to life for automotive enthusiasts in Central Oregon. With the loss of the Diegos and Drifters Car Shows, Dan saw a need for a couple of Central Oregon Car Shows especially in Redmond, and started the company in 2019. He teamed up with a local Brewery, Wild Ride Brewing and their first show was the 2019 Wild Ride Classic Car Show. It was a hit bringing in over 200 Classic Cars. What started as a passion-based idea has blossomed into a full car show series with 3 main events now bringing in over 400 cars per show. 

A son of a salesman, Dan grew up in Chandler, Arizona which is just south of Phoenix. With the help of his Grandpa who loved cars and had many of his own, he discovered his love of classic cars. His first car at just 14 years old, was a 1973 Mach 1 Mustang. This was where his father also taught him the ins and outs of wheelin’ and dealin’. Purchasing the Mustang for only $2600, Dan was on his way to driving in style. But the insurance on the car plus gas, and maintenance was hard on a young kid and Dan had to sell his dream car before he even received his driver's license. His second car was a 1973 Chevy Blazer with the full removable top. Since then, Dan has bought and sold over 55 classic cars, building, driving, enjoying, and selling. “I love all the cars I have built, but my dad taught me, don’t get attached, everything is for sale for the right price.” If you don't know Dan personally, he is really into muscle cars, odd cars, and big cars and he loves station wagons. He grew up driving his mom's station wagon and has had a few of his own. He is working his way towards his Mach 1 and a sweet station wagon. 

With Dan Mooney’s main Marketing Company, Mooney Marketing, he took the Car Show dream and made it a reality with a Website Design, a large social media presence, and advertising online and in print. He took all his marketing skills and put them to work for his car show side gig. 

Central Oregon Car Shows has many dedicated volunteers and crew. The events couldn’t be run as successfully as they do without them. Dan’s goal is to expand his car show experience to more areas in Central Oregon. He hopes to bring shows to Bend and Sunriver in 2023. He idols guys like Gary Meadors who started the Goodguys Car Shows and thinks one day it would be amazing to run a show that big and amazing. You never know, dreams do sometimes come true for Dan.